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Analysis by Mr Yugank Agarwal

I came to speech therapy centre at a young age. When I came to sir, I was a shy boy and he gave his best to help me overcome this problem. Well I should say that it is not a problem but a bad habit.But being a kid, I got a bit relaxed and left therapy after 5 months feeling that I was now fine. But it being a problem, it relapsed.So I contacted sir again and he invited me to join back. It was the humility and honesty with which he helped me again and it was again corrected.Sir’s humble and honest way of teaching has helped me overcome this habit. He has been a guiding force for me and I went from becoming a shy boy to a well versed orator who won many debates and speeches. Speech therapy takes time but it is very effective. Sir has always been their for his students whenever needed. My experience at Speech therapy centre under AP Singh sir has been wonderful and I am grateful to him. Thank you Yugank Contact-yuganktheslayer@gmail.com


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