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Welcome to Speech Therapy Centre. We offer speech therapy for Stammering, Misarticulation and Other Speech Disorders. Contact us at 91-9810315483. If u have tried the Rest contact the Best

What is Stammering?

.The Mystery Unveils Now !
"Don't worry about it.
You'll grow out of it"
"Forget about it, relax"
"Slow down ,take a deep breath"

It is easy to hand out advice particularly when you havent had the same problem. The advice is of course well meant, but often impossible to follow. We at SPEECH THERAPY CENTRE always try to find a solution for a problem of STAMMERING (HAKLANA) We keep in my mind the psychological setup of a case and treat him psychologically and apparently. For us every new case is a challenge and by accepting it we make sure that the problem is completely solved. The number of cases we have solved only justifies the above statement. Our team of consultants are very well qualified and experienced enough to DEAL with any kind of speech disorder especially Stuttering or Stammering (Haklana).The team is headed by 

  • Mr. A.P.Singh(M.SC Psychology & Member RCI) 
  • Ms Jasveen (Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist ) 
  • Dr. K.S.Nagpal ( ENT)


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