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Analysis by Mr Jugal Gurnani

Hello everyone.. I m jugal gurnani from jaipur, my experience related to speech therapy in Delhi. The first day, I met sir during counseling I realise stammering is just a bad habit it's not any disease or disorder. After completing schedule of teaching I reached here on 1st June. The starting 2,3 days are bit hard to adjust in new environment,surrounding etc. One doubt always click in my mind whether I improved in 25 days or not. But after 3 days I am understanding the concept of each activity. Different different exercises related to tongue,lip,neck,jaw,breathing, phonation, abdomen etc. All exercise r really helpful to me. At the end of week on Saturday I get a chance to speak in surrounding of 20 peoples which enhance confidence and boost energy level most important I also learn many things from best speaker too. I also get a chance to meet different cultured people here which belong to different section of society.Each day I found improvement in me.I spent 3-4hour in sir's clinic and around 2-3 hour I practise in room these 6 hours of practise help me alot.. after one week I practise vowel words, sentences, consonant word and sentence and articulation one of the most important techniques to speak fluently. Each Saturday confidence level goes better and fear reduce after that we practice ROS the way or style to read book(a story,a paragraph) by using time limit it improve our way of talking and teach us where to stop and where we use articulation techniques. After finishing 18 days I feel so comfort.Lastly I practise on spontaneous and interaction rule.Remaining 7 days he advised me to go market and interact with people and after that tell him what problem I get by interacting them and he also told the technique how to interact with them after listening my problems or issues. At lastly, I wanna say every interaction with sir I learn many things,every interactions which I performed with him he noticed where I'm doing mistake and next day he work on that field. I am so grateful and thankful to him. I know it take time to overcome this bad habit may be 1 year also but surely I keep working on it and continue my exercise and other practises in the presence of sir. Thank u alot Mr A.P SINGH SIR.


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