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Analysis by Vikas Srivastava

My name is vikas Srivastava I am from U.P in Allahabad I am studient of class 12 and my age is 18 year old but my problem is Stammering when i am 7 year old then my problem is starting than I realised that some problem in my speech until they more increase in my life for my problem for Stammering then I realised that the society make fun of my problem then I call the A.P sir and sir told that this is not disease but this is a bad habit and can be treated by speech therapy  I took my father and came to delhi and meet  A.P sir and my class started from 6th September to 25 th sep and now my feelings is so good because of speech therapy and (G.D) and I feel comfortable because of the A.P sir they put lot of hard work on me and now i can speak freely in public , finally i want to thank sir and had wonderful time at Speechtherapycentre Delhi


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