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Analysis by Gulshan Kumar

Hello friends, My name is Gulshan Kumar. I belong to Samba,J&k State. Firstly, I am telling about my family. I have two members me andmy mom. I am a student and my mom is housewife. About my father, he passed awaywhen I was 6 years old. My stammering problem was starting on my childhood age.In the school time, I  faced manyproblems related to stammering. When my teacher said me, Gulshan today is yourturn to give presentation in the class. Then one fear is felt inside, that Ican’t speak. So same situation is created in the college time. I was havingfear to ask questions  in the class andalso while speaking to a friend in a group.            

                Then,my college friend suggest me, you should join speech therapy and you can becured. Finally, I decide to join speech therapy to overcome on my problem. Onthe internet, I am finding that which speech therapy center is best. One day, Isee the videos on stammering is very effective and influential. I want to knowthat which speech therapy center has videos. Ultimately, I find that speechtherapy centre in Tilak Nagar is best.          

                On 25July, I came to Delhi and joined this speech therapy centre. First time, when Imet with A.P. Singh Sir, I shared all the problems who I had faced in the dailylife. Then, sir tell me in a  relaxationmood, Don’t worry.      

                Duringthe 1 month speech therapy, I more worked on exercises of neck, tongue, lips,jaws, breathing, phonation and rate of speech. And his effective articulationtechnique to stop my blockages when I stammer. Every week on Saturday, Groupdiscussion and public speaking is organized. This session as per  the therapy is more effective because itbuilds a new confidence in my life. Now, I am feeling that I can speak fluentlyand hesitation on public speaking is also removed and one good thing is alsocome in my life that I have improved my stammering problem to a large extentand stability on my speed is a good indication for my life.

                Atlast, I would like to thank Sir and Mam, who made my life happy and comfortable.Again I thanks sir for your nice support and cooperation with me.


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