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Analysis by Vijay Prajapati

Hello friends, my name is Vijay Prajapati. I am from Morena, Madhya Pradesh. When I first came to the speech therapy center, I had a fear of talking to a new person. Thinking about my stammering in front, would you think about me that it has grown so big and it does not have to be talked so far. And I feel embarrassed thinking about such things. And the fear of inside went up more and more when I was at home, I used to think that I should take this fear out, but because of some people, that fear kept inside and that fear grew and it started getting more stammering. . But since the Speech Therapy Center has come in so far has benefited so far. By practicing Daily Exercise by Sir, those words have started coming out, which used to be very much stemming. Stemming from the whole sentence with articulation technique has greatly reduced. And the fear of inside of group discussion, public speaking and interview has completely gone out. Earlier, it was scary to talk to a person but now there is a desire to talk to those new people. First thought, what would I talk to new people? But now I think which style to talk with new people. After coming to the speech center, the whole mindset has changed. I did the work that I did not do most now. With good guidance from Sir and Madam, I have improved my stammering to a great extent. And this technique will continue as well so that I can recover completely from stammering. In the practice of stammering, besides Sir and Madam, there were two people who supported me a lot. I was mainly practicing with them. One of whom was Manoj Brother, with whom I practiced at the room and the other was mirror, With which the room and the clinic practiced both at the place because the glass was an instrument that helped me a lot in eye contact, loudness. Today is my last day, tomorrow I will go from here. From here I am taking a few things and leaving some things too. From here on, I am going with all of you, the love of you and the most important thing, a new confidence, and the fear of your inner self, which has been bothering me for so long, is leaving me in front of all of you here today. After today, if someone gets me stammering anywhere, then I would advise him to come here.


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