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Analysis by Mr Sarabjeet Singh

My name is Sarabjeet Singh, I was having a problem of stammering from the age of 4, 5 years and due to these I have faces many issues in school and in college which I think my every brother or sister who stammer faces in there life . I was very sensitive and have very low self-confidence.

Once I finished with my graduation without even sitting in the placements due to the fear of facing people, I thought of joining some speech therapy classes once I searched in google I found the name of Speech Therapy centre delhi which was run by Mr. AP Singh.

Though I have taken some speech therapies from other places before which was not cured me much, still I visited to speech therapy Delhi and I found it very different from the therapies that i have taken in the past.

I got to know that Stammering is not a problem or disease it's just a bad habit which I had developed from many years, here along with the effective excersizes developed through sir's valuable experience the greatest thing was group excersizes such as public speaking and group discussions which has revived me physiologically and which actually made me confident and ready to deal with any situation.

I am a very changed personality now and my speech has been improved many folds from my past, I am very thankful to Mr. A.P Singh sir who has diverted my path from being a stammer to being an orator. He truly changed my life.


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