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Analysis by Nilesh Morekar

Hi friend ,My name isNilesh Dinkar Morekar. I live in Goregaon,Mumbai .I have been struggling fromstammering since my childhood. Due to stammering I missed lot of things. I alsofaced many problems in my college and school days. I had also taken speechtherapy in Mumbai. But it was not quite effective. Also it is not possible tospeak in that way in actual life. Also I was told that my stammering will notbe cured 100% . Then I searched on YouTube about stammering. And I came acrossA.P. Singh Sir Speech Therapy Centre in Delhi .I also watched his videos onYouTube. It gave me lot of motivation. When I watched sir's YouTube Channelvideos ,it inspire me to join his Speech Therapy. So I planned to come Delhifor one month .And today I think it was my right decision. In the 1st week Iwas taught neck ,tongue and breathing exercises. As we know breathing playsvery important role in stammering . Then in 2nd week my articulation started.And articulation technique is very much effective technique. Due to this myblocks in speaking also vanished. I know that 18 years old problem can not becured in 1 month .It will require at least 1 year period . Stammering is justbad habit. So I will definitely change my bad habit for my future. And I knowin future I will become good orator also. I sincerely thanks A.P. Singh Sir fortheir guidance


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