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Analysis by Dr. Mukesh Gupta

I am a 26 year old Dr. Mukesh Gupta a Dental Surgeon. I have joined Speech Therapy center from last two weeks .I have stammering problem from my child hood but this problem became serious and affect my life as I grow .during my graduation life when I was doing B.D.S. from Government Dental collage Indore .I faced many problems due to my stammering and I have not enjoyed my collage life .Even I was meritorial student in my collage but I was not happy and I always felt shy in front of girls and my professors in college. Due to my hesitation in speech I felt that I have lost many thing in my life after completion of my graduation. When I entered in the real life I faced lots of problems due to lack of proper communication needed for a doctor. If a doctor does not communicate properly with their patients then patients will not feel safe with him.I have a girl friend she is very good but due to my stammering I always feel inferior with her and try to hide stammering to her. Now the time has come to do some thing for my family and my friends due to this I feel my stammering has increased then I thought about Speech Therapy and joined Speech Therapy Center and now I feel better and confident in myself. I think if I had joined speech therapy previously at a right time in child age I might not face those problems which I have faced in my life. In Speech Therapy after meeting Mr. Singh then I felt happy and more confident and I have gained confidence from speech session every Saturday on speech therapy centre where more than 20 people come and speak in front of them that enhance more and more confidence in me.



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