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Analysis by Jyotsna

Stammering, the word was like a monster to me. I am a 19 yrs old girl Jyotsna doing Biomedical Engineering from Dronacharya College Of Engineering, Gurgaon.I have joined speech therapy centre at approximately 4-5 weeks.I have stammering problem from the age of 7-8 but this problem became trouble for me from past 2-3 years.Initially, i was not serious about this problem but when i grew up i realise that i should do something to overcome this problem.My rate of speech was very high along with blocks that make a reason for everybody to laugh on.Now a days for any job opportunity one should be good at communication skills so i found my future in dark just because of my speech.In spite of being good at many fields there was a limiting factor that was holding me back in my social and personal life. I was really frustated because there was nothing in my hand but my remaining qualities was disappearing, means my patience, confidence and my power to face situations in life. Then i approached speech therapy centre where i met Mr. Ap Singh who enlighten my way to erase stammering word from my dictionery. Initially i felt very shy to join but when i met people at high post suffering with same problem i felt that its the time when should i forgot all hesitations and take a step forward in life. Now i have many friends here we discuss, share problems and views. Here is the place where i fought with my fear of speaking.Exercises and techniques tought by sir help us to speak well.Saturday session where every member of this centre expess their views and thinking about selected topics on podium this decreases 80% of fear of speaking among the crowd.I love to attend my every sessions because of there comfortable homely environment.These sessions not only develop our speech skills but also increases our IQto think more deeply towards those aspects that we some what neglect in our fast lives. just in few weeks i can see a good improvement in my speech that was just a dream for me.Now my speech is really clear and in control manner. This has built up confidence,a positive thinking and faith in myself. As there is no end to improvement so i am still giving my best to improve my speech with full spirit.now i believe in the line "stammeres can be good speakers"


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