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Analysis by Ms.Shilpa Bakshi

I am Shilpa Bakshi and I am 20 yrs old .I have done my graduation in B.Sc(Computer Science)Hons..It has been almost a month and a half since I have been coming for Speech Therapy. Earlier I used to have a problem in reading properly,speaking in front of people or speaking in the form of presentation but now I feel more confident and even my reading flow has improved. Earlier I used to try to speak fast or hastily but now I tend to speak calmly and use the suggestions given by Sir. I have been doing exercises as told by Sir and I can see an improvement in my speech .Now I try to interact with people myself rather than asking anyone else. And now I believe that I have overcome most of my fear and I believe that I will get rid of my problem soon.

I think I have become more positive person, Till now I have attended around 4 group session that has been very fruitful to me. I can see a change in my speech from first to fourth session.I have become far more confident to speak in public as I was earlier. But I want to improve myself to maximum possible extent.

My aim is now that whatever deficiencies or fear are left I want to eradicate them from me completely and I want that my speech should be totally in flow and proper without any blocks in my speech.

Thank You Sir !!!!


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