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Analysis by Miss Ruchi Verma

Stammering, the word was like a monster to me. My self Ruchi Verma, I am 24 years old. I am working as a tuition teacher .Stammering was started at the age of 10-12 years, but it was not as bad as it was one month back. During my school days I I used to take part in competitions, i used to read in class, but as I grew up things have been changed. Since last 2 years my stammering starts increasing which irritates me and i was going in a state of depression. Than one day one of my doctor friend advised me to meet a speech therapist, and she herself founded the names of 4-5 therapists. But as I say it was in my destiny that i meet Mr.. A. P. Singh. At that day when i came to speech therapy centre, i was with my relative, on that day i could not able to speak a word. With my sir i was not able to introduce myself or could not able to speak my name. Then after a week my therapy started. My sir taught me some of the exercises. He taught me how to speak in front of public. Just after two weeks things started changing. The person who was not able to communicate with any one is now speaking in front of a large group. The believe of my sir in me it motivated me and helps in developing my confidence. It was the most memorable day of my life when I spoke in front of a group there were all boys and i was the only girl. But as I started I stammer, but I tried to spoke as my sir told me and i felt so happy, and I hope that those moments will continue to come in my life.

Now I am feeling why I was so careless and did not bother about my speech. I feel that if I had started speech therapy earlier i would have been completely fine 'but as says 'better late than never". with in a month people are noticing a lot of improvement in my speech, so I am more than others myself feeling lot more relax and confident that with in next few weeks everyone will notice a new person in me thanks AP sir.


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