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Analysis by Dr. Dharmendra Garg

I am Dr. Dharmendra Garg from Rajasthan, since my early childhood I had the problem of speaking few letters incorrectly like K, Kh, etc.I feel shame and embarassement but unfortunately I have not joined SPEECH THERAPY.

Recently I joined a college for teaching in Udaipur, that time I feel so much problem in front of students, then I thought of Speech Therapy. and met with Mr. A. P. Singh a speech therapist at Delhi. I told him my problem of misarticulation.As I speak a instead of k and ha for kh.. Now after taking Speech Therapy from him all of my words are corrected and I am very thankful to Mr. A. P. Singh. I suggest that everybody who has any problem of Stammering or Misarticulation should take speech therapy and become a confident person for the remaining of his life.

Dr Dharamendra Garg


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