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Analysis by Mr Jasmeet Singh Hora

Hello I am Jasmeet Singh Hora from Indore (M.P). I am Advocate & Student of CA-Final Year. I am practising Advocate & Tax Consultant in Indore (M.P). My firm name is M/s. Jasmeet Singh Hora & Co., Advocate & Tax Consultant, Indore (M.P). I am suffering from stammering problem since the age of 6-7 years. Due to this problem my childhood was like a hell. I used to face severe problem in giving introduction. I used to skip the school on the first day to avoid introduction speech. I also used to bunk my classes during oral examinations & vivas. Due to stammering I also faced problem in my profession while interacting with the clients. Then I came to delhi to overcome my stammering problem & joined the Speech Therapy Centre under the guidance of AP Singh Sir & Gurjinder Mam. When I first came to this centre for Consultation I was not even able to read one line fluently. Then my therapy started from 9th December 2015 for 1 month. While therapy I was got to know that stammering is not a disease but it is just a bad habit and like all other bad habits, it can be controlled. I was happy to know that its just a bad habit which I can overcome with my hard work. The therapy starts with the tongue, lips and jaws exercises. After this more advanced techniques like articulation, ROS and LRE are taught. These techniques helped me to gain control over my breathing and as a result of that my speech improved. It became more controlled & fluent. The part of the speech therapy which I like the most in this therapy is the Saturday Group Session of Public Speaking & Group Discussion. I was able to overcome fear of speaking in public to a large extent.

In last I will say that my overall experience of last one month is awesome as I learned a lot from here. Here I got many friends with whom I can discuss freely on our stammering problem & can help each other in future. I thank a lot to A.P Singh Sir & Gurjinder Mam for their awesome guidance & support.

Thank You
Adv. Jasmeet Singh Hora


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