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Analysis by Malay Rautela

I have been coming to this speech center since mid-June. I have to join a company from August and I thought it would be a good idea to improve my speech before that. I still remember my first interaction with A.P. Singh Sir. He said that stammering is not a disease but it is a bad habit and like all other bad habits, it can be controlled. The therapy starts with the tongue, lips and jaws exercises. These exercises try to tackle stammering at the most basic level. After this more advanced techniques like articulation, ROS and LRE are taught. These techniques helped me gain control over my breathing and as a result my speech improved. It became more controlled. The part which I like the most in this therapy is the group session. A group discussion is always tougher than a one-to-one interaction. Whenever I speak in these group sessions, I can speak without the fear of people judging me. I believe that if I can overcome this fear then I can overcome stammering as well. These group sessions give me a chance to use the techniques I learn and I also get to know other people in the therapy. 

The speech therapy has certainly helped me. My family has also noticed the improvements in my speech. At this point, I just feel that I should have joined this therapy much earlier.

Thanks and Regards,
Malay Rautela


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