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Analysis by Shiteshu Shrimal

Hello friends, myself Shiteshu Shrimal currently pursuing PhD in life Sciences from JNU, New Delhi. My career line highlights the importance of speech for me. How could one think of delivering lectures to the students or doing presentation regularly when the person has stammering problem? I was having stammering problem and I used to avoid public speaking as that would make a fun out of me. I used to skip meeting new people as one has to introduce himself. In my earlier years the problem of stammering was at its peak and with time I and people around me started adjusting to that, but constantly on meeting someone new or the stage fear will be there whenever I have to initiate the conversation. At that time I decided that its too much on my part to allow that negative thought/pressure of not speaking in front of people has to be removed and I joined speech therapy program to correct my problem.

Speech therapy has transformed my life in many ways. Now, I am more confident and can speak fluently without any hesitation or negative thoughts in my mind. The biggest problem for a stammerer is that he know what he wants to speak but he is not able to convey that thing properly and this mounts a pressure him. One has to have positive thinking that stammering is a problem and this can be corrected. With regular therapy and practice the fluency in speech can be achieved. The most important thing is rate of speech and breath control. When a person is relaxed and speaks slowly he will never have the problem of stammering. The biggest fear a stammerer have is - what will happen when I will be not be able to converse correctly, this has to go out of the person mind because a feared mind can never converse well. So my friends, I will suggest you all to follow the speech therapy plan, be confident and relaxed and have a proper control on breath and rate of speech. Yes, we all are orators and you are one of them. With best wishes to all

Shiteshu Shrimal


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