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Analysis by Mr. Prem Pareek

Myself is CA Prem Pareek, am from Kolkata . I was suffering from Misarticulation from my Birth and infact was not able to pronounce K, kh, G , Gh correctly. I tried to start speech therapy in Kolkata and contacted one speech therapist in Kolkata for the same , but the duration which he asked me to cure the same was something which crossed my patience limit, hence I decided not to go with the same . Before some day I was googling about speech therapy and I found speech therapy & ENT Centre Delhi. I had a chat with Sir twice or thrice and find their positive attitude to help me to cure the same. Before coming here I was expecting that atleast I will be able to pronounce the alphabets 50% correctly but believe me the result which I got is something extra ordinary and above my expectations. Now I am able to pronounce K , Kh ,G ,Gh Correctly and hope will be able to speak effectively in the days to Come.

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