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Analysis by Jatin Khurana

Hello Friends,

I am Jatin Khurana from Fajilka (Punjab) I am persuing my last year of Btech from Mohali (Punjab) I am having the problem of STAMMERING SINCE LAST 15 YEARS. This was my biggest obstacle in my life. So many opportunities were left from me. From childhood I was very shy and emotional kind of person. As time passed I came to know that I am a Stammerer, people around me always suggest me to speak slow, relax yourself but none of them worked. As I grew up these obstacles of my life also grow huge. When I went to college there so many incidents of embracement happened that made me frustrated , but my friends always made me confident to speak. Then finally I asked to Mr. Google and came to know about Speech Therapy Centre in Delhi. And there with Mr A. P, Singh I started my Speech Therapy. As therapy progressed I was getting the right attitude towards my speech. Now I feel very good towards my speech and the world. This Therapy changed my vision to see the world with full of possibilities and hopes. So atlast I want to thank Mr A. P. Singh and his Speech Therapy Centre.


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