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Analysis by Monika Kulshreshtha

I was really shocked to find that my elder son started Stammering at the age of 5 + we tried so many remedy as told by people but all was a very temporary relief . Then we thought it will go with time but when he reached in class III I realized that we have to address to this immediately before it effects his confidence. After a lot of survey on internet and with the reference of the people I got the address of Mr. A. P. Singh , When we reached at his place I found that I had seen his program on IBN 7. He explained the therapy in a very simple manner and what I liked most was the part of public speech because that is a must to build confidence and remove hesitation. We Started the therapy from December 2010 gradually it stared showing the results. Today I am very happy to say that my son does not Stammer any more I give full credit for this to Mr. Singh.I have no words to explain how thankful I am to him . I would like say this to anyone who is suffering from this problem that there is a cure and you should meet Mr. Singh at least once.


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