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Analysis by Mr. Vineet

I am Vineet, I am Doing PHD in Physics from IIT Roorkee.

I was having Stammering problem from my childhood, When I was only 6-7 years old. In my childhood it was impossible to understand my problem. I was used to be very shy and I used to avoid Public Speaking. With passage of time there was slight improvement in my speech but fluency was always missing and some time I was strucked on some words which always affected my confidence.

Finally I decided to join some Speech Therapy programme which can help me to overcome my problem.Then I joined Speech Therapy Centre in Delhi. I have attended some individual as well as few Group Therapy sessions on Saturdays. Several exercises helped me a lot, especially Saturday`s Group Therapy helped me to remove my shyness.

Now I am more confident and can speak more fluently. One more thing I learned that Stammering is not a disease and it is a hobbit which can be overcome with regular SPEECH THERAPY.

I would also like to thank A.P. SINGH Sir, for there help and support, with best wishes to you all. Thank You Sir.

Regards- Vineet


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