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Analysis by Mr. Vikas Singh.

My name is Vikas Singh. I am from Nainital (Uttarakhand) and I am 18 years old.

Earlier I want be able to speak many words like k, kh, g, gh etc... As a result of which I feel inferior among my friends. Due to this problem of Misarticulation I have never participated in any public speaking. I was discouraged and hopeless.

But then I came to know about the Speech Therapy centre in Tilak Nagar at delhi and I met with A.P. SINGH Sir who observed me carefully and told me that with the help if Speech Therapy my problem of Misarticulation will be solved. With his support, encouragement and help I have solved my problem in just 5 days and now I can speak without any hesitation.

On the last day of my Speech Therapy programme our Sir organized a group discussion cum Public Speaking session. Which helped me to speak among a large group without any hesitation at the centre? And it increased my level of confidence I enjoyed the group discussion a lot and I also got lot of information about other members of this centre. Today I am going back to my home at nainital with a successful mission.


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