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Analysis by Aseem Purohit

I am Aseem Purohit, final semester student of MCA. I have stammering problem from my childhood. I have faced many problems due to my stammering since my childhood. Seeing my stammering problem my parents took me to Rajkumari Amrit Kaur Speech Therapy Centre ,Lajpat Nagar. I took almost 1 year speech therapy their. But not much improvement was seen in my speech . Time passed and I joined MCA . I faced many problems due to my stammering in course of completion of my MCA in mock HR rounds , presentations etc. In Jan 2010 I participated in Birla Soft campus drive. Instead of being one of the best candidate in terms of technical knowledge I was rejected due to my stammering. Thereafter I decide to get rid off my stammering and I came to Speech Therapy Centre Delhi . Sir A.P. Singh on the first day told me that stammering is curable and he will help me to overcome stammering . On the first day he gave a boost to my confidence and I also started feeling that I will be able to overcome stammering. Sir has taught me exercises like articulation, ROS etc and has me advised to do my exercises regularly. Although in has only been 2.5 months improvement is being seen in my speech by my friends, teachers, family. As on my side I feel more confident about my speech , I don`t feel ashamed of being a stammer. Last week I also gave a presentation which went pretty well. As they say slow and steady wins the race , I will also win the race against stammering very soon . In last I want to thank Sir for his constant effort and support that is helping me to overcome my stammering.


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