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Analysis by Dr. Riyaz Bakshi

I am Riyaz, I have done my Ph.D from Delhi University. I was suffering from stammering problems since childhood. During college study time, it was very necessary to give public presentation but I felt lot of problems specially to speak in group. I tried many speech therapy clinics but it was useless. One day, suddenly I saw speechtherapydelhi.com on Net and I had joined this speech therapy centre. Many abdominal, thoracic and respiratory exercises provided to me regularly. Every Saturday, group discussion was extremely helpful to cure stammering problem and to build up positive thinking. Now, I am more confident and can speak fluently without any hesitation or negative thoughts in my mind. We all are orators and you are one of them. I am very thankful to Mr. A.P. Singh Sir to improve my speech disorders. With best wishes to all.


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