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Analysis by Sakshi Chopra

Stammering was always a problem since childhood. Initially by far I remember I don`t knew what was really wrong with me sometimes people may laugh upon but my mother always boosted me up with confidence to speak in public. It was in first standard I had recited a story in front of my class that too just perfect, my teacher was amused and surprised. Then she called upon the head mistress so that she could listen to my story and select me for the school competition. The problem started out there I had to speak in front of someone new, unknown , fear built in up . I was nervous and very much tensed and all of this messed up my chance of being an orator. I had the confidence, I had the skill within me, but I also had the stammering problem within me. By far my problem was less in comparison to those who have problem in reading too. I was very fluent in reading, I was fluent in reciting poems, I was fluent when I had practiced zillion of times what I had to speak, but I was not fluent when I was asked to speak suddenly. Problem was there but there was not a driving force within me to eradicate my problem. Then there was a time that I started using tricks, skipping words, substituting words, rehearsing before. This helped but this was not the cure. These tricks may work many a times and may not work the single time when u need it the most. Then finally there came a day when I came to know about Mr. A.P.Singh. He was the one who knew the exact cure. It`s been 6 months I have joined and I do not need the tricks now. I know if there is a problem how to cure it. Nobody is perfect and stammering is just like a bad habit which I had developed within me in my growing ages. I say that I am now on the right track towards perfection.

Sakshi Chopra


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