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Analysis by Rakesh Sharma

My name is Rakesh Sharma. I belongs to jind (haryana).I am 16-year old.My father is a service man in army & serving in ARMY since 1998. My mother is a home maker & she is very affectionate.I have one brother . he is studying in class 12.I am studying in SAINIK SCHOOL,KUNJPURA(KARNAL).I feel proud & priveledge to be a part of that grand - grand school.My favourite subject is mathematics because it will help me in clearing my NDA examination.My favourite teacher is Mr. Pankaj kamboj. He is our mathematics teacher. His way of teaching is very attrractive & understandable.My aim is to join INDIAN AIR FORCE in flying branch.I have certain weaknesses & major amongest them is stammering. I have this problem when I was 8-year old.It often frustate me when I am unable to speak at certain occasions& when somenoe else speak whatever I want to speak before me.With the motive to overcome this problem ,I am here in Tilak nagar ,speech therapy & ENT centre with our sir-cum-supporter Dr.A.P.singh,who is in this profession since 1993 & in his 22- long years of profession he has treated many stammers & now they are good orators.I am sure that under his guidance I'll also become a good orator in coming days & it's my goodness that I am getting this therapy course from such a prestigious centre. Initially , I used to stammer a lot & also donot have confidence & good communicating skills .After 14 days of my stay here I observed drastic change in my communicating skills & boosted up my confidence level.This too much by simple neck ,jaws,tongue,lips exercises .Phonation exercises & abdominal breathing helped a lot.The words & sentences on vowels & consonants helped me in articulation part.Rate of speech teaches us how to communicate effectively.The rules of effective communication helped me in gaining confidence & all the exercises helped me directly or indirectly in making me an orator.I enjoyed my stay here& even don't realised how these 14 days passed & my problem was also improved in that short span of time.The efforts put by me & guidance from sir's side brought flying colours & now I can speak like others. I'm very happy after getting such a beautiful gift for which I was struggling for a long time.

The most enjoyable day was saturdy. Because it was my first experience to spoke on mike before that I was very worried about my speech as it was my last day at speech tharapy centre but I was myself surprised as most of the people congratulated me and it was really a nice to be a fluent speaker. Now my all weakness are reaveled to me by sir and now I will do all possible efforts to improve my stammering. At last I want to advice all stammerers that never let your hope to come down and never look back. We can become a good orator so lets take a plege that will never look back or step back and always move forward with positive attitude . we can compete with outer world and can outshine also. Thanks to all.


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