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Analysis by Mr. Rajesh Kumar

I am Rajesh Kumar, I am from Himachal Pradesh I was having speech problem when I was in 5-6 years old. In school, I never attempt to answer because any question by teacher even if I knew the answer because, I was scared that all my batch mate would make fun of me. I thought it was a disease thats why, I conduct my test with some throat specialist but, he said that you have not any problem in your vocal cord.

I faced many embarrassing movement in my life when I joined my college I remember that day, it was my presentation day i saw strammered on my presentation topic, name, that night.  Then I searched some website for his problem. I got Mr. Singh SR website I read all review & watched some video.

I come to Delhi and met Mr. AP Sr and his confidence gave me confidence that a strammering is just a bad habit, which can be cured easily, his experience helpme lot and soon gave results. I thankful Mr. AP Singh Sr for everyone your thought me & helping me get rid of his bad habits.


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