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Analysis by Ms. Shefali

I'm shefali! I'm 21 years old,from Delhi.

I first noticed my problem of stammering when i was in 11th. And since then, it has been increasing.  I got through school somehow with nice grades. Got into a good college.

Then again the problem began. And it was bad now. It was really difficult to stand in front of people and give presentations. And as we all know college give students a lot of opportunities ,but for stammerer half of them are impossible as it involves public speaking or making conversations. So i was adamant that i have to do something about it.

I had plans to do MBA later. So before stepping into that platform, i wanted to cure this. I wanted to remove stammering from my life. And with the help of Sir, his guidance and support i can surely say that i feel more confident now and not afraid of taking initiative.


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