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Analysis by Mr. Mayank Singh

I am Mayank Singh. i am from Azamgarh,Uttar pradesh. i am doing b.tech from MMMUT Gorakhpur.

I was having Stammering problem from my childhood, When I was only 6-7 years old. In my childhood it was impossible to understand my problem. I was used to be very shy and I used to avoid Public Speaking.In school i never attempted to answer any questions asked by teachers even if i knew the answer because i was scared that all my batch mates would make fun of me . There was i time when i was scared to even take my name and start a conversation.

Every stammerer has faced many challenges throughout their life from saying ‘hello’ to ‘goodbye’ and these challenges has dropped their confidence level. As a stammerer i have faced many embarrassing moments in my life, moments which eventually lead me in deep depression. Finally I decided to join some Speech Therapy programme which can help me to overcome my problem.Then I joined Speech Therapy Centre in Delhi and i got reference of A.P Singh sir . I met him and his confidence gave me confidence that stammering is just a bad habit which can be cured easily, his exercises helped me alot and soon gave results .

Presently 80% of my bad habit has left me and now i can easily start a conversation with anyone. I would also like to thank A.P. SINGH Sir, for there help and support, with best wishes to you all. Thank You Sir


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