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Analysis by Mr. Saksham

I am Saksham. I am from Ranchi (Jharkhand). I am 18 years old, I completed my 12th in 2016.

It's really very difficult for me to say that at exactly what age I got the problem or habit of stammering. Because as far as I know I had this problem ever since I got my conscience, But I didn't face much problem in talking until I reached 17, Because in my childhood I had developed a habit of hiding & substituting the words, As a result my stammering became worse by the time I passed my 12th standard and then I started having problem in each words of a sentence, even in reading the books & newspapers and talking on the phone was like an affliction for me.

But then I came to know about Speech Therapy Centre In Tilak Nagar in Delhi, headed by Mr. A.P. Singh sir. so I went there and met him, And on that very first day I got highly motivated and felt confidant. It has been 3 months since I have been taking this therapy under the guidance of Mr. A.P. Singh sir. Now the condition of my speech is very very different from what it was 3 months ago, now there's a great improvement in my speech , I have a lot of confidence and my fear is almost gone and I always use those words in conversation, in which I had very hard time saying, and the bestthing about this "Speech Therapy Centre" is it's Saturday evening session, in which there's Public Speaking and Group discussion session, which really helped me to overcome my public fear, Because for a stammerer public speaking is a huge fear, which I can say mine is almost gone, and also you get to meet many amazing people In this session who share their problems, experiences and achievement regarding their stammer or other speech problems, which really influence & encourage you to always stay positive in life and not to feel isolated in society. 

So now I can speak freely, fluently without any stress, fear and hesitation. but all this would have never been possible without the guidance of Mr. A.P. Singh sir and ma'am also, so THANK YOU sir for everything you taught me.


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