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Analysis by Mr. Ronak Bhatiya

My name is Ronak Bhatiya. I belongs to Udaipur, Rajasthan. Recently I am doing commercial pilot training in Indira Gandhi rashtriya uran akademi. I have stammering problem since when I was in 4 to 5th class. So I am not able to give proper R/t calls to ATC. At some words I am stammer when I was in stress and in front of many people. So I decided to join speech therapy centre in Delhi. So I am in Tilak nagar to cure my stammering problem in the guidance of Mr. A.P. Singh. It is very excellent speech therapy centre, sir, Mr. A.P. Singh and madam said very good thing i.e. you have to articulate when you are speaking to others. I came here in 13th November for 26days. Sir, Mr. A.P. Singh taught step by step for cure stammering problem. I done my exercise time to time of neck, tongue, jaws, and breathing exercise. Now I am feeling comfortable and confident. Before join speech therapy centre I am hesitat to give speech in front of many people but now I am not hesitat and I am calm and confident when start my speech or while I am speaking I am using articulation. Articulate the words is best thing for stammer to cure stammering problem. Now I am confidence because most of time I articulate the words so I am feeling comfortable, it is very good place for cure your stammering problem. especially when group discussion and public speaking are good platform to build confidence. Thank you very much sir.


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