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Analysis by Mr. Nishant

I am 25 years old Nishant Arora a Chartered Accountant from Hapur (uttar Pradesh). I have joined speech therapy from last three weeks. I have problem of stammering from my childhood but I felt it more painful when I had to face an interview for my CA training because that was my first interview and also first failure of my life. After joining office, I tried to avoid being part of any presentation and group discussion due to stammering and also avoid talking to any strangers but talking to strangers and good communication skills are the basic requirement of anyone’ field. I have also faced problem while speaking on telephone because everyone has problem of speaking his name as there was no substitution exist for name. I felt lack behind of my colleagues.

I have joined speech therapy and met Mr. AP Singh who helped me to overcome from this problem. I always tried my best to do the exercises which were suggested by sir. Apart from exercises, Saturday sessions i.e. group discussion and public speaking also helped me to overcome from fear i.e. fear of facing crowd, fear of podium as speaking on podium in front of crowd is a very tough task for any stammerer. Now, I can speak my name on telephone without stammering, this also increased my confidence of speaking at any place to any strangers and my thinking is also changed from “I can’t speak” to “I can also become a good speaker”. 

One should overcome from the myth that he cannot speak or he will be able to speak as the time passes. If you have problem of stammering or stuttering, you should at least join speech therapy once and you come to know that you also can become a good speaker.


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