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Analysis by Mr. Amrendar Kumar Arun

Analysis By Mr Amrendar Kumar Arun, Mr. Amrender kumar Arun My name is amrender kumar arun I belongs to patna(bihar) and working in Goa. I am 38 year old. My father is a teacher and my mother is a house wife. I was having stammering problem since my school days. I was having fear to ask questions in classroom and also while speaking to friends in a group. I used to get stuck/block at some letter due to this problem. I was not able to communicate properly. I got married at the age of 25years. My wife also felt that I was having problem in speaking. She adviced me to go for speech therapy. I started searching on internet that weather stammering can be cured or not. I viewed many video on stammering. I came to know that each stammer’s problem are different and customised treatment is needed for each individual. After searching the best speech therapy in india, I came to conclusion that speech therapy centre in Tilak Nagar is the best and I decided to come here in Nov 16 for 15 days. My therapy commenced on 11 Nov.16. Sir Dr. A.P. Singh told me that the reason of blocking of my speech is due to high speed of speaking habit and thought process so and I need to work towards this. I also realized that whatever sir is saying is 100% correct. I have this fast speaking and breathing problem. During this 15days of therapy, I was taught about various exercise of neck, tongue, lips, jaws, breathing, phonation and rate of speech. My main focus was on cure of stammering so I gave my 100% effort during this 15days. Due to hard work put by me under the guidance of sir, I am able to overcome the stammering problem in such a short spam of time. I am feeling a confidence that I can speak at any forum. During this 15days, I got the opportunity to participate in two group discussion session and one public speaking session. I would like to advice other people who are having problem in their speech, please spare your time at least 10 to 15 days. Your stammering problem would be definitely cured. At last I would like to thank my guru Mr. A.P. Singh who made my life so comfortable and enjoyable. I think this 15 days will become the turning point in my life. Thank you sir for your nice support, cooperation and teaching me so nicely. Thank you so much.


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